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Cell phone Wireless charging key compatibility Nov 24, 2016

Wireless charging technology, electromagnetic technology, emitter current into electromagnetic, mobile phones with built-in Receiver chips to convert electromagnetic current for charging the mobile phone.

Wireless charging technology is the key to ensure the manufacturers of wireless Chargers compatible, Qi standards development to Wireless charging with the harmonization of technical specifications, ensuring that the same charger for multiplebrands and multiple product compatibility.

Wireless charging Union said Menno Treffers, Qi Wireless-charging standard is electromagnetic induction technology, compared to other technologies, higher efficiency and security.

Qi Wireless-charging standard include interface, performance, and regulatory aspects, which will bring about the popularity of wireless charging technology is a considerable challenge, so by Qi standard cell phone can be charged by any certifiedby Qi's base station, base, or in other rechargeable devices for Wireless charging.