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HiFi headphones sound characteristics Nov 24, 2016

1, The end of pure, without any unpleasant "SI", "old man" and "tuck" sound.

2, Good sense of balance, tone color but light or dark, high school low frequencyenergy distribution, natural smooth between the band, no awkward and Burr.

3, High-frequency extension is good, fine and silky.

4, Low dive deep, clean, full, full of elasticity and strength, without any fat, slow feel.

5, Minimal medium-frequency distortion, transparent and warm vocals, kind nature, thickness, magnetic, literally and twang.

6, Good analytical, detail-rich, small signal clear replay.

7, Has a good acoustic characterization, acoustic open instrument accurate and stable, has enough information in the field, no empty feeling.No obvious compression.

8, Dynamic, has a good sense of speed, large volume without distortion or distortion is negligible.