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How to reduce fever power adapter Nov 24, 2016

How to reduce the heat?

When designing a switching power supply, make sure that the power adapter the temperature is allowed within the scope of the application environment. Reduced temperature from three aspects of the power adapter.

First: lower heat can improve the conversion efficiency of the power adapter itself,but because of technical condition and cost power adapter conversion efficiency in 75%-85%.

Second: for cooling design, the heat are as large as possible, more than 100W switching power supply, there should be a metal perforated shell, or with cooling fan.In order to prevent temperature lead to accidents such as fire, using materials requires the use of fire resistant high temperature plastic sealed package, the heat generated internally by plastic shell conduction radiates.

Third: when you use power adapter, try to place the power adapter in place whereventilation is better, never placing power above things like books. That feeling is not very hot, no need to worry, is power, no heat the Deuce!