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Main characteristics of wireless Chargers Nov 24, 2016

1. From theory, Wireless charging technology safe and harmless to the human body, Wireless charging using resonance principle of magnetic field resonance only intransit between the coil to resonate at the same frequency, and other devices cannot accept the band, in addition, the Wireless charging technology using the magnetic field itself is harmless to human body. But Wireless charging technology, after all, is a new type of charging technology, technology for Wireless charging, many people worry about wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and mobile phone masts as theemerging, technology itself is harmless.

2. Wireless charging technology used magnetic resonance in the charger and equipment between the electric field and magnetic field in transmission power, coil and capacitor formed between the charger and the device of resonance.

3. This system is widely used in the future, such as the charging of electric vehiclesand power transmission for computer chips. Using the technology developed by the charging system the charging time only current one-one hundred and fiftieth.

4. Conversion rates are a lot of people worry about the problem, MIT study shows that loss of wireless charging technology lower than cable for charging. Wireless charging higher conversion rate than cable a few percentage points. High conversion and wireless Chargers to be critical factors in the global application. But Wireless charging technology is limited by distance, the future development will need to be addressed to telematics for bands and precise positioning of the magnetic field range.

5. Core chip is the Wireless charging technology one of the difficulties in application. Precision radiation control, size frequency, other controls are implemented by the chip.