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Power adapter heat phenomenon is how the Nov 24, 2016

Power adapter is widely used, in life there are often applied to: laptops, LED lamps, screens, mobile phones, and so on, these are often applied to electronic products, we can see that life without the power adapter. In daily use, power adapter heatburns are a common problem, then why do power adapter will heat it? hot hot will not cause fire?

In fact, as long as the temperature of the power adapter is in the context of design, that is, the temperature in the normal range, generally are not at risk. But do pay attention, "power adapter heat cannot be ignored," hot hot needs attention!

So, why do power adapter will heat it?

Power adapter heat problem to introduce a first name "conversion efficiency", switching power conversion efficiency is generally about 75%-85%, then there is a part of the energy, this energy is lost, with the exception of a few of the loss as a wave,but most is emitted as heat. Switching power supply's power shortage, energy loss is short, the calorific value of the power supply is missing.