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What HiFi headphones Nov 24, 2016

Hi-Fi is the abbreviation of English High-Fidelity, literally translated as "high fidelity", which is defined as: highly similar to the playback sound with the original sound. So what kind of audio playback sound is what Hi-Fi? So far is still difficult to draw exact conclusions. Audio professionals with the help of various types of equipment, by all means, testing a variety of indicators to determine the extent of Hi-Fi equipment, and audio enthusiasts, often through their ears to determine whether theidea of a Hi-Fi equipment. Distinguish replayed sound Hi-Fi levels of high and low,equipment and software not only excellent performance, but also a good listeningenvironment. Therefore, how to correctly measure the degree of Hi-Fi audio equipment, there are objective tests and subjective evaluation of difference.

Hi-Fi= HiFi, Hi-Fi system enthusiasts generally refers to high specification audio equipment. On Hi-Fi indefinitely.