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Wireless charger works Nov 24, 2016

Wireless charging system mainly uses the principle of electromagnetic induction, energy coupling transmission of energy through the coil. Input AC systems work byfull-bridge rectifier circuit into DC or 24V DC terminal directly to the system power supply.

After a power management module output DC 2M active Crystal inverter convertshigh frequency AC power supply primary winding. By 2 inductive energy couplingof the coil, coil accepted conversion circuit output current into direct current to charge the battery.

Changing magnetic field generates a change of electric field, electric will producechanges in the magnetic field, their size and their rate of change, and the rate of change of the sine function is another sinusoidal function, so that electromagnetic waves can spread, and induced voltage and the change of the magnetic flux, so theinternal changes in the magnetic field of the coil voltage is induced, which complete the charging process.

Wireless charging is a relatively new way of charging, the principle is very simple, is to separate the ordinary transformer primary and secondary level to achieve thegoal of wireless. Of course, the high operating frequency for the Wireless charging, or even abandoning core coils directly on the role of energy transfer can be achieved.