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Apple Charging Cable Methods For Protecting Data Lines Sep 30, 2017

The iPhone's Lightning line or Mac's MagSafe line,Apple Charging Cable after a long period of use, begins to be damaged, and the locations that are generally vulnerable are all connected to the device. Damage to the charging line means the need to re-purchase, but even more worrying is that the device will not be able to charge half past one time, so it also inspired the global netizens big opening, invented a variety of methods to protect the data line.

On how to protect the charging line, Apple Charging Cable after a netizen found a lot of ways, such as the use of ball-point pen or heat-shrink tube, etc., and this article to share with you is a more simple and convenient, lower cost method, together Look at it.

The following is a Mac MagSafe line, for example, Lightning line also applies.

1. First, the need for a soft body of the rope or line, and then easy to damage from the joints began to roll up, the color can be with personal preferences.

2. Along the position of the joints have been rolled up until the sense of the width of the time, and then find another line, that is, the green line in the figure.

3. Set the green line into a circle, put it on the white line and tighten it.

4. Set the line of the white line into the circle of the green line.

5. Strictly pull the green line, so that the green line received the following white line.

6. Cut off the extra tail.

7. Finally, glue can be used to prevent loosening to increase protection. It is like this, since then no longer worry about the damage to the charging line friends.

Apple charging line is unique, unlike the Andrews phone charging line,Apple Charging Cable between different brands of mobile phones can be mutually common, if broken, to buy a 10 to money.

And Apple's charging line is not the case, although the iPhone's Lightning data line can be double-sided plug, but the line is broken need to replace the words,Apple Charging Cable the price is Andrews phone charging line several times, and not casually downstairs store can buy of.

The above situation tells us what is the reason?

That is sure to protect the apple's charging line