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Audio Cable Embedded Strategy And Wiring Techniques Nov 01, 2017

With the continuous progress of technology, audio-visual enthusiasts on the effects of equipment is also constantly improving, and the continuous upgrading of equipment to the requirements of wire will be increasingly upgraded. As a result, Audio Cable, speaker lines and power cords are increasingly being tested. However, in the actual life, many entry-level enthusiasts have not put enough emphasis on wire, often the equipment plug to the home socket on a plug, do a professional point is at the plug outlet with a power filter, only this.

But have you considered the buried line buried in the wall and buried under the floor? If the quality of the embedded line is very poor, then no matter what you are connected to the top of the wire is also in vain! So, today we talk about Home theater video line, speaker line embedded strategy and wiring skills.

Audio Cable are used to transmit video signals, which are used to connect media playback devices and display devices. With the improvement of living standards, the increase in housing area, in order to pursue the large screen high-definition brought about by the visual enjoyment, traditional home theater began to projection home theater transition.

Small common sense: Video frequency line embedded and wiring skills

In general, projectors are hoisted in the form of the ceiling in the majority. So in the ceiling is the best choice, as long as the line groove fixed in the ceiling of the keel, and then let decorate workers in the ceiling to open a hole on the OK! And from the floor under the line, if your floor is paved with floor tiles, wiring best to embed line tube. The function of the wire tube is not only to protect the wires, but also to facilitate the replacement of wires.

Wiring, there must be at least three kinds of lines, including VGA line, color line and DVI line. Although the digital line is popular now, analog line has a feeling of being eliminated, but the color line is the best in the current analog line, and it supports high-definition standards, so at least in 5-10 years will not be eliminated. In addition, despite the current low HDMI interface, but HDMI is a future trend, in the long run, it is best to also cloth HDMI line.

Finally, if you want to get a stable power supply, it is best to install UPS or power filter, in order to get beautiful effect, it is necessary to hide it, this in the wiring should be done at the same time, for example, can be hidden in the ceiling of the beam place.

The Audio Cable is used to connect the sound source device and the power amplifier. Good quality of the market sound line, its production materials are mainly gold-plated, silver, copper oxide, non-metallic carbon higher to import lines, but its price is more expensive, the general need to hundreds of yuan a root, mainly the United States Monster Standrdinterlink (Monsters), Audio0uest ( Line St), supra (turtle fish), M0niterpc (Magic), space&time (hyper-temporal), MISSION (bel canto), Patrdnics (Belli), VDH (Netherlands-Van Denghao) and so on. For the general universal type (million yuan below) of the audio equipment need not deliberately pursue the high quality wire, as long as the use of general section larger copper core signal line can be. For better home theater audio equipment, you can consider the use of high-quality Audio Cables, such as DVD video and "AC-3" decoder has fiber output, input interface, such as the use of fiber transmission lines, it can improve the timbre of the more obvious role.

Audio Cable: A set of Audio Cables are often two, divided into about two channels, the two ends of the line are Lotus Head (RCA head).

Coaxial: For transmission multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), similar to the Audio Cable, because the signal volume is large, connectors and lines are thicker than ordinary Audio Cables, generally used to connect the DVD player and amplifier.

Fiber optic cable: Also used for the transmission of multichannel signals (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signals), for the connection between DVD player and amplifier machine.

Microphone Cord: A two-core coaxial line used to connect the amplifier to the microphone. At present, the rise of wireless microphone, if not for special consideration, wiring can not be considered, after the wireless microphone application will certainly be more and more widely.

Audio Cable in the wiring when the basic need not consider, because the sound source equipment and power amplifiers are often put together, these lines are very short, late configuration can be.