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Audio Cable More And More Need To Test Aug 09, 2017

With the continuous progress of technology, audio and video enthusiasts on the requirements of the equipment is also constantly improve the equipment, and equipment upgrades on the requirements of the wire will be increasingly upgraded. So the video line, speaker lines and power lines are increasingly need to be tested. However, in the actual life, many entry-level enthusiasts are not put enough attention to the wire,Audio Cable often the equipment of the power plug to the home socket on a plug, do professional point is in the plug outlet with a power Filter, nothing more.

But whether we have to consider buried in the wall inside, buried in the floor below the embedded line? If the quality of the embedded line is very poor, then no matter how you are connected outside the high-end wire is also in vain! So, today we talk about the home theater video line, speaker line of the embedded strategy and wiring skills.

Video line layout:

The video line is used to transmit the video signal, which is used to connect the media playback device and the display device. With the improvement of living standards, the increase in housing area, in order to pursue large-screen high-definition visual experience, the traditional home theater began to transition to the projection home theater.

Tips: Cinema audio line embedding and routing skills

In general, the projector is mostly in the form of ceiling in the ceiling. So the alignment is the best choice on the ceiling, as long as the trunking fixed in the ceiling keel, let the decoration workers in the ceiling above the hole on the OK! And from the floor under the alignment, if your ground is tiled, the wiring is best to be embedded in the tube. The role of the line is not only to protect the wire, it also has a convenient function to replace the wire.

When wiring, there are at least three lines,Audio Cable including VGA cable, color line and DVI cable. Although the digital line is popular now, the analog line has a feeling of being eliminated, but the color line is the best simulation line, and it supports high-definition standards, so at least 5 to 10 years will not be eliminated. In addition, although the current HDMI interface is less, but HDMI is a future trend,Audio Cable for long-term considerations, it is best to install HDMI cable.

Finally, if you want a stable power supply, it is best to install the UPS or power filter, in order to get a beautiful effect, it is necessary to hide it, this time in the wiring to do the same time, for example, can be hidden in the ceiling beam.

The audio cable is used to connect the source device and the power amplifier. The quality of the market better sound line, the production of mat,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,rials are mainly gold-plated, silver, oxygen and copper, non-metallic carbon to the higher import line, but the price is more expensive, the general need a few hundred dollars a , Mainly the United States MONSTER STANDRDINTERLINK (monster), AUDIO0UEST (line of St.), SUPRA (turtle), M0NITERPC (magic), SPACE & TIME (over time), MISSION (sound), PATRDNICS (Pitt), VDH (Netherlands - )and many more. For the general popularity (million or less) of the audio equipment without deliberately seeking high-quality wire,Audio Cable as long as the use of a larger section of the copper core signal line can be larger. For good home theater audio equipment, you can consider the use of high-quality audio lines, such as in the DVD disc player and "AC-3" decoder has a fiber output, input interface, such as the use of optical fiber transmission line, Get a more obvious effect.