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Audio Cable Sound Improvement Can Get A More Obvious Effect Jul 20, 2017

The audio cable is used to connect the source device and the power amplifier. The quality of the market better sound line, the production of materials are mainly gold-plated, silver, oxygen and copper, non-metallic carbon to the higher import line, but the price is more expensive, the general need a few hundred dollars a , Mainly the United States MONSTER STANDRDINTERLINK (monster), AUDIO0UEST (line of St.), SUPRA (turtle), M0NITERPC (magic), SPACE & TIME (over time), MISSION (sound), PATRDNICS (Pitt), VDH (Netherlands - )and many more. For the general popularity (million or less) of the audio equipment without deliberately seeking high-quality wire, as long as the use of a larger section of the copper core signal line can be larger. For good home theater audio equipment, you can consider the use of high-quality audio lines, such as in the DVD disc player and "AC-3" decoder has a fiber output, input interface, such as the use of optical fiber transmission line, Get a more obvious effect.

Audio line: a set of audio lines are often two, divided into two channels, the ends of the line are Lotus head (RCA head).

Coaxial line: used to transmit multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), and audio lines similar to the large signal, connectors and lines are more than ordinary audio cable, generally used to connect DVD player and Amplifier.

Fiber optic cable: also used to transmit multi-channel signal (Dolby AC-3 or DTS signal), used to connect the DVD player and amplifier.

Microphone cable: A two-core coaxial cable for connecting the amplifier and microphone. At present, the rise of wireless microphones, if not for special consideration, wiring can not be considered, after the wireless microphone application will certainly be more and more widely.

Audio cable in the wiring when the basic need to consider, because the audio equipment and power amplifier often put together, these lines are very short, the latter configuration can be.

Audio power and loudspeaker speaker line, the lining of the package with the entire set of the last switch.With the same audio signal line, the speaker line also has a metal material density, textile methods, length and other differences. Because of its relationship with the speaker and The relative position of the amplifier changes, the choice of bulk wire to make their own more appropriate.But the use must be noted that the amplifier is relatively symmetrical left and right channel speaker position,Audio Cable the two channel speaker line can not have long and short.For the length of the wire, The average family to each channel 2 to 3 meters is appropriate.With the same audio signal line, speaker line can also be through the different length and "reconcile" the whole combination of the reduction effect.