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Audio Cable Synthesizer Control Function May 26, 2017

Audio Cable The following are digital audio lines and connectors that are the most common of digital mixers, tape recorders, pre-class (speakerphone), DAW (digital audio workstations)

A reminder: In many cases, the digital device uses a connector like an analog audio XLR or RCA. These connectors may look much like, but are often designed to be different in resistance, so they can not be used with those that look like analog lines

English: Musical instrument digital interface line) Allows the electro-acoustic instrument to communicate with the external device. MIDI transmission is not audio, but contains the music characteristics of the signal - notes, how long to keep, the intensity of the trigger, etc.,Audio Cable MIDI technology defined in the receiving module, provides the sound. The MIDI line also has software and synthesizer control functions, so you can control the sound and notes on the mobile control interface

USB cable (Universal Serial Bus) has become the standard interface for almost all devices, from the printer until the digital audio devices are using USB. One end of the USB cable is Type A,Audio Cable Type B, Mini-A, Micro-B or Type C, and the other end depends on the specific equipment. USB cable can also supply power for certain devices. The latest USB3.0 standard (Translator's Note: the latest for USB3.1), faster than USB2.0 significantly faster, and can play complex music in the studio when the time to minimize the lag.

The LightSnake guitar / keyboard USB cable has a standard 1/4 "plug and the other end is a USB connector. The musician can record the sound of their instruments directly in the computer's recording software


Audio Cable FireWire has three connectors: 4-pin, 6-pin and 9-pin. The 4-pin (FW40) connector can transmit 400 Mbps (megabytes per second) of data. The slightly larger 6-pin connector has the same transmitted data, but also supports DC (DC) power supply. 9-pin (FW800) connection can be powered, and the transmission speed can reach (4-pin, 6-pin) twice

METRIC HALO FireWire has a standard 6-pin connector at each end that can transmit data and power

Lightning line

Initially called "Light Peak", lightning using the Mini Display (MDP) interface to connect some peripherals (such as advanced audio equipment, etc.) to the computer. Although these hardware will be limited to Apple products, such as MacBook Pro, these devices can also be used, for example,Audio Cable through the HDMI adapter to connect PCIe sound card audio standard


HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) has become a DVD and Blu-ray player like civilian consumer electronics products connected to the standard interface. You can transmit uncompressed video and audio signals in advanced audio devices. HDMI has 5 interface types (Type A to Type E), each with a different pin configuration. Refer to the manufacturer's specifications to determine which type is suitable for your device