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Audio Cable The More Soft The Core, The Better The Sound Quality Jun 30, 2017

Connect the Audio Cable power of the loudspeaker and the speaker of the speaker line, the lining of the package with the entire set of the last switch.With the same Audio Cable signal line, the speaker line also has metal material density, textile method, length and so on. And the relative position of the amplifier changes, the choice of bulk wire to make their own more appropriate.But the use must be noted that the amplifier is relatively symmetrical left and right channel speaker position, the two channel speaker line can not have long and short. , The average family to each channel 2 to 3 meters is appropriate.With the same Audio Cable signal line, speaker line can also be through the different length and "reconcile" the whole combination of the reduction effect.

First, the quality of the speaker line Most people think that the more the number of speakers line, the better sound quality, while the number of shares of the top few speakers turn a blind eye.One part of the people, one-sided superstitious material made of the speaker line. To change,

Sound system or not a good sound.For the speaker line should be scientifically analyzed to master the technical essence, in understanding the characteristics and problems of equipment on the basis of the right medicine, the rational use of the line. Speaker line shares the more the better sound quality?

This is not exactly the same. Most of the wire manufacturers of the top speaker line, almost all the use of single or only 3 to 7 shares thick line. Multi-strand (refers to over a hundred stocks) are mostly low-grade speaker line. Is it not enough, even the 4N is not enough, but its sound quality is much better than some high-purity materials. Most people think that the core of the more soft , The better the sound quality,Audio Cable if you really see the top line of the United States line of St., the original core is hard and thick, and its voice is actually better than those of the core wire very much. Seek truthfully analyze the essence of wire technology.

1, each single material of the wire performance of their sound personality. The more pure material, the more obvious personality, the use of different materials will bring different personality sound performance.

2, each single material of the wire, the more fine the core,Audio Cable the number of shares, the bass more fat more turbid, the treble of the resolution and control of the worse! The same cross-sectional area of the conditions of the cable, Force and control is better than multiple strands.

3, different materials, the use of mixed wire to a certain extent, adjust the sound, improve the sound quality, the best wire to use different materials made of alloy material, of course, the alloy material will cause different changes in the crystal material, which Only by high-tech means to do, but also change the conductive properties of composite alloy materials.

4, the use of high-tech means to change the physical structure of the material to improve the sound quality of the wire. Modern high-end speaker line some have used the sound crystal copper material to improve the sound quality of the wire. Such materials constitute the direction of the wire above,Audio Cable This is due to the fact that the monocrystalline material is not the same as the current conducting performance in different directions.Currently the commercially available wire is part of the direction, but many are not monocrystalline copper materials, but counterfeit. Direction to audition, the direction of different sound difference between the larger real goods, no change is fake.