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Fast Charging Circuit Nov 24, 2016

AC220V mains transformer T1 buck, after it has been D1-D4 a full-wave rectifier, supplied charging circuit. When the output set by the correct polarity connection is charged after a bottle, each half wave rectifier output ripple voltage values over thebattery output voltage, Silicon controlled triggered SCR Q collector current conduction, current Silicon controlled rectifier for battery charging. Ripple voltage close to the battery voltage, the thyristor turn-off, stop charging. R4, Q adjustable transistor breakover voltage to R4 from big to small adjustments to Q turn-on trigger the SCR (conduction). Led D5 as the power in the figure, and D6 as the charging indication.

To achieve the quick charge function on the phone needs to meet three key elements, all three are indispensable. Charger, battery, charge IC. Chargers need to meet sufficient output current and output voltage, charger line has a lot of parasitic resistance, if we are to achieve greater charge current, load the output voltage of thecharger requires a higher.