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High Frequency Audio&Vedio Cable Transport And Storage Jun 19, 2017

High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry in the country is second only to the automotive industry's second largest industry, in recent years, the consumption of copper accounted for 60% of the total domestic copper consumption -86%, High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry, the development of a direct impact on the domestic demand for refined copper, And ultimately affect the price trend of copper. Therefore, to understand the development of China's High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry status and characteristics of its future development trends and predict the future demand for copper on the copper futures market is very necessary.

High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable is used for power transmission and distribution, power transmission, voice, text, images and other information dissemination and lighting and other fields of a large class of electrical products, is to create a variety of electrical, electrical, instrument essential essential equipment, Infrastructure construction, the new smart grid, the new energy industry in the necessary basic products. High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry occupies the domestic electrical industry output value of 1/4, China is second only to the automotive industry's second largest industry, China's High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable output value has exceeded the United States, becoming the world's largest High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable producer. The upstream and downstream of the High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry is mainly its raw material supply enterprises, such as copper rods, aluminum rods and other cable materials enterprises, cable consumer industry more, including power grids, automobiles, machinery manufacturing, rail transportation, aerospace, household appliances Wait.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics classification, High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry belongs to the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. According to the use of classification, the main products include power cables, bare wires, winding wire, electrical equipment with cables, communication cables and fiber optic cable. High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable products by voltage level can be divided into low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, high pressure and special high voltage and other voltage levels.

High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry management organization for the China Federation of Industry under the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable branch, its main function is to assist the government industry self-discipline management, representative and maintenance of High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable industry interests and members of the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, Cable industry common line of regulations and so on.

High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable for the transmission of electrical (magnetic) energy, information and electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products. The generalized High frequency Audio&Vedio Cable is also referred to as a cable. Narrow cable is insulated cable. It can be defined as an assembly consisting of one or more insulated cores and their respective possible cladding, the total protective layer, and the outer sheath. The cable may also have additional conductors that are not insulated.

Cable cable maintenance is generally multifaceted. For example, check whether the cable outer skin damage, cable overload or not, should avoid mechanical damage. The use of the load to the rated load in the cable, there are overload conditions can only run for a short time. The other is the cable in the laying of the time to consider turning radius and so on. The following precautions should be taken in transport and custody:

1. It is strictly forbidden to drop cables or cable-mounted cables from high places, especially at lower temperatures (typically around 5 ° C). Throwing and dropping cables may cause insulation and sheath cracking.

2. As far as possible to avoid in the open air to store the cable, cable tray is not allowed to flat.

3. When lifting the package, it is strictly forbidden to lift at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other means of transport, the cable tray to be used to fix the appropriate way to prevent collision or overturned to prevent mechanical damage to the cable.

4. Cable is strictly prohibited with acid, alkali and mineral oil contact, with these corrosive substances isolated storage. Storage of the cable in the warehouse shall not be damaged and the presence of harmful gases that corrode the metal.

5. During the custody of the cable, should be regularly rolling (summer 3 months once, other seasons may be appropriate extension). Scrolling, will be stored down the disk side up, so as not to decay the bottom of the damp. Always pay attention to whether the cable head is intact when storing.

6. Cable storage period to the product factory limited to the general should not be more than a year and a half, the longest no more than two years.