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Mobile Phone Data Cable And Cord Where Is The Difference? Nov 24, 2016

Buy Android phones, accessories in General will have a data cable, data cable can be used when charging the line, we all know that. But the charge can be data cableuse?: what's the difference between charging and data cable are? let us look together.

Our cable and charging cable is USB interface will generally have four wires, cordpower supply VCC and GND to the two lines, and cable is VCC,GND, and two communication lines.

Data cable USB interface that has four lines with line, power cord, USB cable has two lines, so that data can be used as power cables, and power cannot be used as a data cable.

Data cable inside wire is very thin, different resistance is different, current is not the same size, high current charging fast, but slow. Original Chargers rushing faster,repair shop, buy kitchen, very fine copper wire inside, charge is too slow.