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Simple Converter Introduction Nov 23, 2016

The emergence of various types of converters, greatly expanding the various instruments (devices) use, automatic control system with more flexibility and a wider range of adaptability. Various types of converter's basic function is to convert information into easy to transport and handle forms, request information during the conversion without distortion, distortion, delay, so the converter's linearity, input impedance matching and isolation have certain requirements, such as:

① linearity. Requires the converter, the output signal y and x has a good ratio between the input signal, that is, Y=KX+A, k, a, is a constant.

② input impedance and output impedance. Converters and input impedance output impedance must be matched with the input instrument and output instrument inorder to obtain higher conversion accuracy.

③ isolation characteristics. Input and output circuit and power circuit should be isolated from each other in DC potential drop, f grounding point for input and outputcircuits shall be separated in order to improve anti-jamming ability.