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Type C Adapter Ensure Safe Operation Nov 01, 2017

Type C Adapter mode, then we first have to understand what an Type C Adapter is, you may not be able to speak up, that gives you a simple example of the use of the Hong Kong version of the mobile phone people know that there is a three-pin plug, then back to the mainland how to use a two-hole socket, this time we need a converter. This converter is also called an adaptor, which transforms the interface of a class into another interface that the client expects, so that two of classes that are not able to work together because of an interface mismatch can work together.

So in the final analysis how to achieve it, give an example to illustrate it. Now we have a plug is three, now to implement the plug in two to work together, at this time we need an intermediate Type C Adapter, also known as the converter to give a power supply with a two-port plug.

What do you know about the world's first computer, which occupies 150 square and weighs 30 tons? You must feel very powerful, but if you say it's a function, you're not unfamiliar. It was first born just to calculate the trajectory of a projectile's flight. Yes, you're right. Computing performance may not be comparable to earlier Intel's Pentium series CPUs. But this is indeed a milestone in the history of human inventions. The same bulky Type C Adapters will also become smaller because of the Type C Adapter power chip.

Believe that the minimum demand for Type C Adapter power chips will remain strong. More money will be spent on chip development. Also believe that our technicians can develop more advanced chip manufacturing technology.

In the process of developing new products for switching power Type C Adapters, in order to ensure that the Type C Adapter can adapt to the operational requirements of different environments and provide continuous and stable current-voltage conversions to the user, engineers usually provide the Type C Adapter with the appropriate output overload protection to ensure the safe operation of the Type C Adapter. This paper introduces two kinds of output overload protection technologies which are widely used at present.

1. Constant power Limit Protection method

The constant input power limit protection method is one of the most common output protection technologies of switching power Type C Adapter, and the protection principle of this method is to protect the original edge circuit by restricting the maximum transmission power. However, in flyback converters, this technique can hardly protect the side-edge output components. For example, in the discontinuous flyback converter, the original Edge peak current has been limited, that is, to give a limited transmission power. When the load resistance decreases and the load exceeds its limit, the output voltage begins to drop. The output current will rise when the output voltage begins to decline, because the voltage and current output of the input and corresponding outputs is specified. In the short-circuit, the side current will become very large, in the switching power supply to consume all the power. This form of power limits is generally used only as a supplement to certain restrictions, such as the auxiliary side limit current of the circuit.

2. Flyback Ultra Power Limit Protection method

The counterattack super Power protection method is widely used in the domestic Type C Adapter development and the factory production process, this kind of protection technology is an extension of the upper speed form, in this form has a circuit to monitor the original side current and the auxiliary side voltage, reduces the power when the output voltage reduces. In this way, when the load resistance decreases, the output current is reduced and the side-edge components are prevented from being subjected to excessive stress damage.