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Type C Adapter Independent Interface Function Sep 30, 2017

We have been able to charge the phone as a charger called the charger, in fact, its real name is called: AC and DC power adapter. For example,Type C Adapter the laptop's English name is Ac / Dc adapter. From this one English translation, we can clearly know, in fact, the correct name of the charger should be called: AC and DC power adapter.

Adapter mode, then we must first understand what is the adapter, we may not speak out of the fierce, it gives you a simple example, with the Hong Kong version of the phone people know that there are three plugs plug, Then back to the mainland how to use the two holes of the socket,Type C Adapter this time we need a converter. This converter is also called an adapter, transforming a class interface into another interface that the client expects, so that two classes that could not work together because of an interface mismatch can work together.

So in the end how to achieve it, give an example to illustrate it Now we have a plug is three, and now to achieve the insertion of two power supply work together,Type C Adapter then we need an intermediate adapter, also known as the converter to A power supply with a two-port plug.

The first adapter pattern is a bridge between two incompatible interfaces. This type of design pattern belongs to the structural model, which combines the functions of two independent interfaces.

This model involves a single class that is responsible for adding standalone or incompatible interface functions. To give a real example,Type C Adapter the card reader is an adapter between the memory card and the notebook. You insert the memory card into the card reader, and then insert the reader into the notebook,Type C Adapter so that you can read the memory card through the notebook.