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USB-C Adapter Effectively Guard Against All Kinds Of Security Risks Aug 09, 2017

USB-C Adapter mode, then we must first understand what is the USB-C Adapter, we may not speak out of the fierce, it gives you a simple example, with the Hong Kong version of the mobile phone people know that there is three big plug plug, Then back to the mainland how to use the two holes of the socket, then we need a converter. This converter is also called an USB-C Adapter, transforming a class interface into another interface that the client expects, so that two classes that could not work together because of an interface mismatch can work together.

Security is an important basis for the orderly operation of society, in the highly developed modern technology today, the crime is more intelligent, more subtle means, the so-called "magic high foot, high ten feet", how to use high-tech products effectively prevent all kinds Security risks, is placed in front of an important task of security monitoring enterprises.

At present, the domestic security monitoring began to enter the period of vigorous development, as an important part of the security system data storage security monitoring as the most important, because there is no data storage security monitoring can not imagine, and no security data storage is meaningless. It is no exaggeration to say that in the entire video surveillance system, the data storage is the core, which, from the whole system to build the proportion of the various components can be confirmed: Under normal circumstances, in a security monitoring system, the storage system Dating accounted for more than 30% of the overall construction costs, and in some high-definition network projects can even account for 40% or even half the proportion. From this, security storage is a big problem can not be underestimated.

The development of security monitoring storage from the initial traditional simulation into the digital storage stage, the future will gradually enter the network storage, in the transformation process, storage products are also evolving, but high reliability is always the same requirements.

Security monitoring storage should choose security monitoring dedicated hard drive, which is no need to say things. But in reality, some engineering integrators and construction side often for cost considerations, select the ordinary hard drive as a security monitoring storage hard drive. From the pre-cost point of view, this approach seems to partially reduce the cost, but ignored the invisible costs, buried insecurity.

Power USB-C Adapter is no stranger, in recent years, more and more rich variety of electronic products, power USB-C Adapter is also more and more widely used, do not know everyone on the power USB-C Adapter shell material to understand how much? Next Xiaobian with everyone about the power USB-C Adapter shell material information, we can also use more time to understand, to avoid some security risks.

Power USB-C Adapters are usually made of high-density plastic materials. Plastic can be divided into ordinary grade by use, temperature level, flame retardant grade, plating grade. Our common power USB-C Adapter uses the main plastic PC, ABS and PC + ABS three categories.