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USB C Adapter Good Reusability, Good Scalability Nov 01, 2017

If you have contacted the programmer, you will not be unfamiliar with the USB C Adapter. But how do you choose a suitable USB C Adapter? There are many different types of USB C Adapters, even BGA153 USB C Adapters. Perhaps you will ask what to do? Now let's explore how to select USB C Adapters.

At present, EMMC chip is widely used in mobile phone, tablet computer, Smart TV, STB and other electronic products because of its fast speed, simple interface, standardization and no need for bad block management. In this huge amount of use behind, eMMC burning is also a need to consider the problem, so that the burning stability, the first to make the hardware connection stable and reliable, how to choose eMMC USB C Adapter is the first consideration.

The USB C Adapter is actually an interface converter that will have different packages of chips fitted to the same burner. In the burner, the USB C Adapter converts the burner's interface to a chip-appropriate interface. The BGA153 USB C Adapter is used to burn the EMMC chip of the 153-ball FBGA package, so its function is to convert the burner interface to a FBGA encapsulated interface

Perhaps you will only care about what kind of package it can burn, rather than knowing the type of fit. However, different types play different effects on different occasions. The BGA package USB C Adapter can be divided into two categories, the clamping ball and the thimble, for the contact of the adaptor and the chip.

The matching seat of the ball-type is aimed at the spherical array pin chip, as shown in Fig. 3, the BGA153 chip of the rectangular white pin is the solder ball pin, which is equivalent to a ball attached to the chip. As shown in Fig. 4, the two pieces of metal sheet are clips, and the black circle is the butt of the solder ball, which is different from the thimble, and the two-piece clip in the horizontal direction is able to hold the pin of the welding ball well.

Based on the type of USB C Adapter and the encapsulation of the chip, the appropriate USB C Adapters can be selected well. For the type of fit seat, it needs to be decided according to the occasion and the actual need. Based on a thimble-type USB C Adapter, it can be contacted with the welding ball or the welding disc chip, and the short life characteristic can be used for the analysis and disassembly of the master slice. The ball-type adaptor can only contact with the spherical pin chip, but it can be used for the large amount of burning in the factory based on long life.

Advantages of USB C Adapter Mode

-Better reusability

The system needs to use existing classes, and the interfaces of this class do not meet the needs of the system. The USB C Adapter mode allows for better reuse of these features.

-Better Scalability

In the realization of the USB C Adapter function, you can invoke their own developed features, thus naturally extending the system's functionality.

Disadvantages of USB C Adapter Mode

Too much use of USB C Adapters, will make the system very messy, not easy to grasp the whole. For example, clearly see the call is a interface, in fact, the internal is fitted into the implementation of the B interface, a system if too many of this situation, is tantamount to a disaster. Therefore, if it is not necessary, you can not use the USB C Adapter, but directly to the system refactoring.

Converts the interface of a class to an interface of another class, considering the design only if the client invokes an interface that is difficult to modify. Normally, you should design or refactor the code beforehand.

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