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USB-C Adapter With Easy To Replace The Function Of The Wire Jul 11, 2017

With the continuous progress of technology, audio and video enthusiasts on the equipment requirements are constantly improving, and equipment upgrades to the requirements of the wire will be escalating. So the video lines, speaker lines and power lines are increasingly subject to the test. However, in the actual life, many entry-level enthusiasts are not put enough attention to the wire, often the equipment of the power plug to the home socket on a plug, do professional point is in the plug at the exit with a power Filter, nothing more. But whether we have to consider buried in the wall inside, buried in the floor below the embedded line? If the quality of the embedded line is very poor,USB-C Adapter then no matter how you are connected outside the high-end wire is also in vain! So, today we talk about the home theater video line, speaker line of the embedded strategy and wiring skills.

Video line layout:

The video line is used to transmit video signals, which are used to connect media playback devices and display devices. With the improvement of living standards, housing area increased, in order to pursue large-screen high-definition visual experience, the traditional home theater began to transition to the home theater theater. In general, the projector is mostly in the form of ceiling in the ceiling. So the alignment is the best choice on the ceiling,USB-C Adapter as long as the trunking fixed in the ceiling keel, let the decoration workers in the ceiling above the hole on the OK! And from the floor under the alignment, if your ground is floor tiles, wiring is best to be embedded in the tube. The role of the line is not only to protect the wire, it also has a convenient function to replace the wire.

When wiring, there are at least three lines, including VGA cable, color line and DVI cable. Although the digital line is popular now, the analog line has a feeling of being eliminated, but the color line is the best analog line, and it supports high-definition standards, so at least 5 to 10 years will not be eliminated. In addition, although the current HDMI interface is less, but HDMI is a future trend, for long-term considerations, it is best to install HDMI cable.

Finally, if you want a stable power supply,USB-C Adapter it is best to install UPS or power filter, in order to get a beautiful effect, it is necessary to hide it, this time in the wiring to do the same time, for example, can be hidden in the ceiling beam.

Speaker wiring can be divided into two cases: First, HIFI wiring, the other is the theater wiring.

HIFI speaker line is very expensive, so in order to save money, we should try to shorten the length of the line, and doing so can also minimize losses and improve fidelity. Plus the speaker also two, the proposed decoration is not wiring, go straight line can be. The home theater wiring is more trouble, because the speakers are more, usually in the 6 or so, the layout is not good, it will be a mess, looking uncomfortable! In the election line, because the home theater speakers are mainly used to play the film, so the wire is not too demanding, the general choice of 200 core copper can be.

When wiring, because the specific circumstances of each household is not the same, according to the specific circumstances to determine the wiring method. According to the laws of the sound,USB-C Adapter the speaker in particular the front left front surround speakers, placed in the short wall side, the sound effect is better than put on the long wall over there. Subwoofer because there is no obvious direction, can be placed in the same room any suitable place on the ground, generally do not need to embed. To be buried, usually only after the surround speakers. In the 5.1 system, there is only a pair of around the box, but as a long-term consideration, it is best on this basis,USB-C Adapter more than a group of two groups to surround the speaker line, for future upgrades to 7.1 or 8.1 Channel.

When embedding, whether it is in the floor planing pit or in the wall chisel, should use plastic casing or yellow wax tube will be put on the line, do not directly with cement seal.