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USB Data Cable For Interface Definitions Nov 23, 2016

Red, white, green and black are the standard wiring colours correspond to 1, 2, 3,4-pin;

Four wires are 1-power 2-data 3-data 4-power supply

General arrangement are: from left to right, red, white, green and black


Red-USB power-VCC, Power, 5V, 5VSB

White USB data cable (negative),-DATA-, and USBD-, and PD-, and USBDT+

Green USB data cable (positive),-DATA+, and USBD+, and PD+, and USBDT+

Black-ground-GND, Ground

USB PC interface is a commonly used, only 4 wires, two power supplies two signals, is in need of attention do not have reversed polarity, otherwise it will burn the USB device or a computer the southbridge chip!