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Wireless Charger A Brief Introduction Nov 24, 2016

Wireless charger is not charging power cord connected to the needs of the traditional charging terminals on the charger, using the latest wireless technology, Wireless charging technology in 2007, 20 patents, multiple devices can be charged using a base station, mobile phone, MP3 player, power tools and other power adapter cable charging will not be the case. Through the use of magnetic field coil, the magic of power transmission, inductively coupled technology will become a bridge connecting charging base stations and equipment.

Most of the current charger, such as the iPad and the iPhone, through the direct contact of metal wire, for charging the built-in battery. Wireless charging technology has the advantage of convenience and versatility. Disadvantage is that inefficientand can provide electricity. Apple Dock Connector not only provide electricity, while the audio and video files are synchronized to the device through the USB interface. However, the Wireless charging technology or WiFi and battery technology willbring progress. Does not need a data transmission device, this new technology will significantly reduce the number of Chargers required. In addition, through the use of wireless charging technology, public mobile device charging station will likelybecome a reality.